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“Sunrise painted the canyon with colours to match the glowing embers
of the dying camp fire. Beelzebub Jones took bites of beef jerky and
sipped coffee from a battered tin mug as he stared at the distant town.
Half a mile away, and about a hundred feet in the air, a group of vultures
turned lazy circles, waiting patiently for something,
or someone to turn to carrion.”
Extract from the short story by Richard Wall

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Beelzebub Jones – a musical and literary collaboration between  Andrew McLatchie (aka Half Deaf Clatch) and author Richard Wall, started life as a little idea that somehow grew into a project of  epic proportions.
Musically dark and haunting, it combines Americana with Spaghetti Western style arrangements to create an atmospheric backdrop to the story of Beelzebub Jones. This is a departure from Clatch’s Acoustic Blues output, so much so that he has decided to release the album under the ‘Beelzebub Jones’ moniker, as a way of keeping both projects separate.
Richard Wall, author of the critically acclaimed ‘Fat Man Blues’ became involved in the project very early on, offering to write a short story based on a synopsis of the album’s theme. In the intervening months between inception and completion Richard and Clatch worked together to bring the character of Beelzebub Jones to life on paper as well as lyrically, inspired by each other’s ideas – a collaboration they have both enjoyed immensely.

‘A Good Day To Be A Bad Guy’ will be released on April 2nd, on all Digital platforms. Limited edition CD with A5 Storybook and A3 Poster available now from: speakuprecordings.bandcamp.com

For more info on Richard Wall visit his website: richardwall.org